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Egg Flats

Egg Flats

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Egg Flats For Insects

About This Item

  • Crafted from Pulp Proudly Manufactured in the USA
  • SPACIOUS DESIGN: Our deluxe egg holders are designed to accommodate a generous quantity of eggs, regardless of their dimensions. Whether you've got an abundance of farm-fresh eggs with nowhere to store them, or you need a safe haven for your delicate duck eggs, our carton is capable of comfortably fitting up to 30 eggs, ensuring they're snug and secure.
  • PREMIUM BUILD: Constructed with superior-grade pulp fiber and reinforced with a dense fiber press, our egg cartons surpass conventional durability. Their robustness is unmatched, guaranteeing your eggs remain intact during transport or handling. Opt for our egg cartons and experience a level of durability that surpasses what you find in the marketplace.
  • RECYCLABLE AND ROBUST: Our egg cartons' resilience allows for repeated usage without diminishing in quality. The high-density fiber press fortifies the cartons against wear and tear, ensuring they retain their pristine condition use after use. Go green with cartons that promise longevity and recyclability.
  • HABITAT FOR CRITTERS: Beyond egg storage, these trays provide an excellent environment for nurturing bug colonies. The structure is ideal for insects such as mealworms, or roaches to take refuge or explore, making these cartons a versatile choice for your entomological needs.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Beyond their primary use, these paper egg cartons serve a wide array of purposes. They're perfect for school art projects, DIY crafts, or as seedling starters. Their sturdy construction makes them suitable for organizing small hardware, showcasing bath bombs, or hiding tiny treasures like stickers or candies. These cartons also act as a filler for planters, aiding in easy lifting and repositioning of your potted greens.

egg flats for sale

Premium Grade Pulp Fiber Construction

Constructed from premium-grade pulp fiber and reinforced with a dense fiber pressing,

Our substantial flats are expertly designed to deliver optimal safeguarding against cracks or fractures.

Versatile in application, these trays not only cradle eggs but also serve as an inviting habitat for insect colonies, kindling for fires, or as an innovative solution for sound dampening and acoustic management.

reuseable egg carton flats

Upcycle And Save

Ideal for Educational Craft Projects and Gardening Starters

Unleash creativity in the classroom or craft corner with these trays, which are perfect for a myriad of artistic endeavors or as nurturing seed starters.

Employ these as a lightweight base for your potted flora, enhancing portability while contributing to soil health as they break down naturally.

They also double as cozy dwellings for your colony of insects, mealworms, or roaches, offering them a structured habitat.

large size egg flats for sale

Large And Versatile

Stackable for Space Efficiency

These trays are designed to neatly stack atop one another, conserving valuable space. Their design ensures they are secure and conducive to transport.

With the capacity to comfortably fit up to thirty eggs, our cartons adapt to eggs of all dimensions, guaranteeing a snug fit for safekeeping.

egg flat cartons are great for crafts and seed tray starters


egg flats for arts and crafts


egg flats for eggs and fun


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