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Hornworms For Sale

If you are looking to buy Hornworms online then you have come to the right place. We stock some of the most affordable and best quality live hornworms for sale on the internet.

We have Hornworms for sale in several different quantities. 6, 12, & 24 count cups.

Are you looking for one of the top live hornworms for bearded dragons and other reptiles? Our Hornworms are perfect for any size reptile and loved by all reptiles, fish, frogs, even arachnids!

We strive on providing the best live food for your reptiles. With our quick customer service and fast turnaround times on processing and shipping, you will see why Hardtop Feed Company is your go-to for live food!

Be sure to check out our Bug Direct Club our subscription service and get a discount on your reoccurring order!

We make hornworms affordable by offering bulk hornworm discounts and wholesale hornworms for both retail and wholesale customers. If you are not a wholesale customer we can still get you the best prices with our bulk discount offering for 2 or more 12 or 24 count Hornworm cups. Check out the pricing tier chart below. 

Hornworms are often called many different names. Some people call them tomato hornworms, others tobacco hornworms, giant hornworms, goliath hornworms, horn caterpillar, or tomato hornworm caterpillar. 

There are two main strains of hornworms the tomato hornworm and tobacco hornworms. The strain that we breed and distribute is the tobacco hornworm (scientific name: manduca sexta). There are blue hornworms and green hornworms, the ones we sell are blue and not green. The reason why they are blue and not green is because of the artificial diet that comes in every hornworm cup. Wild green hornworms are toxic and likely have consumed tomato plant. Do not feed your reptiles wild green hornworms as they may be toxic to your reptiles. Tomatoes come from the nightshade family.  

Hornworm Details

• Blue-greenish body of Hornworms makes reptiles very attracted to them.

• One of the highest-ranked live feeders for many pets.

• Easily digestible NO exoskeleton, NO chitin.

• Super hydration Feeder.

• Great for breaking a “hunger strike”.

Our Hornworms have a healthy nutritional content of 9% Protein, 3.07% Fat, 46.4mg/ 100g Calcium, and 85% Moisture. Since hornworms have no chitin or exoskeleton (the hard shell) they are easy to digest and there is no worry about impaction in your juvenile reptile pets. 

Shipping and Packaging Details

• Sold in 6, 12, or 24 counts.

• Shipping days are Monday - Thursday.

• 2-4 Days shipping to most places in the US.

• Shipped in 32oz deli cups with climbing netting and food.

• Shipped pre-fed and can last up to 2 weeks in the provided container.

• Carefully packaged in a crush-proof box and marked fragile.


Our worms are always shipped small so that you can grow them to the size that you prefer. Large Hornworms do not ship well and will consume a large amount of food in transit thus, cutting back on the time you have to feed them off. Also, large Hornworms create a lot of feces which builds up during shipping and will kill the worms. Hornworms grow extremely fast so don't worry if they are small on arrival. Keep your worms at room temperatures for average growth, or to speed up their growth place them in warmer temperatures. 

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