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We have tons of new bugs being released in the next year as we continue to expand our operations!

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Hornworm Eggs

For those looking to breed their own hornworms, resell or wholesale hornworms, or have bulk hornworms for their reptiles we provide fresh, high-quality hornworm eggs. Each batch is carefully collected and shipped fresh in any quantity.

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*350,000 eggs pictured*

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    Hornworm Food

    We offer specially formulated hornworm food that ensures optimal growth and health. Our food is designed to provide all the essential nutrients hornworms need to thrive.

    Hornworm Food 
  • Pre-Made Hornworm Cups

    Purchase our in-house manufactured stapled hornworm cups, available with or without food. Use them to split your cups and grow your hornworms extra large. Add your own food for optimal freshness or as needed..

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  • Live Arrival

    Our Live Arrival Guarantee - Rain or Shine, We've Got You Covered.

  • Auto Delivery

    Join our Bug Direct Club for hassle-free bug delivery right to your door.

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Save time and money by signing up for our "Bug Direct Club" and save yourself from the hassle of sourcing feeder insects. We will deliver your feeders directly to you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and at discounted rate.

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