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Rice Flour Beetles

Rice Flour Beetles

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Introducing our premium Rice Flour Beetle cultures, the ideal, hassle-free solution for feeding your cherished small fish, reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals. Our cultures are designed for ease of use and longevity, making them a perfect choice for hobbyists seeking a low-maintenance, nutritious feeder option.

Our Rice Flour Beetles, measuring at a convenient size of 5mm, are simple to culture and maintain. These cultures can last an impressive duration with minimal effort, serving as both a delightful snack and a reliable emergency bug stash for your beloved animals. They are particularly appealing as a tasty and nutritious feeder option for small pets.

Caring for our Rice Flour Beetle cultures is straightforward. The top layer of the media should be kept clear, and cleaning is only necessary when feeding. These beetles do not require additional water or food; simply add more Rice Flour Beetle Media as needed to sustain the culture.

We are committed to ensuring the live arrival of your Rice Flour Beetles, guaranteed under our Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) conditions. Please check your local temperatures before ordering to ensure they fall within our LAG parameters.

Our Rice Flour Beetle cultures feature the Confused Rice Flour Beetle (Tribolium confusum), known for its ease of culture and convenience as a food source. Each culture contains approximately 100 breeding adults and a substantial amount of flour media. We age our cultures for a full month before shipping to kickstart production. Once established, Rice Flour Beetles are incredibly easy to maintain and can go months without any upkeep. This makes them an excellent choice for a 'special treat' or a 'backup feeder' in case you run out of other feeder insects.

While adult Rice Flour Beetles can emit a chemical that may be unpalatable to some animals, their larvae are highly nutritious and palatable. Most poison dart frogs, bumble bee toads, fish, and other small animals eagerly consume Rice Flour Beetle larvae. The larvae can be easily harvested from the media using a Rice Flour Beetle sifter.

For detailed information about Rice Flour Beetles' culture, care, life cycle, and feeding instructions, please visit our comprehensive Rice Flour Beetle Care Guides. Additionally, if you're interested in culturing Rice Flour Beetles at home, consider our exclusive Josh's Frogs Rice Flour Beetle Culture Kit, designed to simplify the process and ensure a thriving culture.

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