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Goth Wormz®

Goth Wormz®

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Goth Wormz - Taking The Feeder Insect Industry By Storm!


aAs we continue to grow our business extremely rapidly we have made the decision to temporarily hault Goth Wormz as of 8/8/23 . We are currently experiencing issues with growth and development and don't have the time and manpower to dive into the project as we would like. In the meantime we will continue research and development and experiment with mass rearing techniques. I say the Tacco Bell Dorito tacco took 4 years to develop and it was worth the wait! Ontop of that they are a multi billion dollar company and we are not (yet). So thank you for everyone who has shown interest in the project. We love your support. I will try to write an extremely detailed blog post in the near future that details everything so people are not in the dark. 

- Justin


Hardtop Feed Company is proud to announce a new insect to the reptile feeder community. Introducing Goth Wormz®! Goth Wormz® are similar to Hornworms, a common treat for reptiles, except Goth Wormz®, have less fat and are higher in protein. They come in two varieties: white with black bands and snow white. 

What Are Goth Wormz®?

 Goth Wormz® are a species of Silk moth related to the common Silkworms. They are often reared in South Asia where the environment isn't conducive to rearing boxy mori the common silkworms. They are used also for creating silk products but the silk quality is not the same as the common silkworm. 

The Spikes Look Sharp. Are They Safe For My Pet? 

Yes! The spikes on the body of the  Goth Wormz®  might look sharp, but they are in fact soft and fleshy and will not harm your reptiles at all. 

What Is The Nutritional Value?

Goth Wormz®  nutrition content was analyzed by a lab. Here are the current results:
The first lab analysis was done well over 1 year ago before the artificial diet was completed. We are ordering another lab analysis 12/10/22, so this is NOT the final nutrition content. We expect the results to change. 

Content Goth Wormz Hornworms
Protein 8.1% 10.00%
Fat 0.66% 2.40%
Fiber 0.9% 2.50%
Moisture 89% 85.00%

What's With The Different Color Goth Womrz® I see?

Goth Wormz® come in two different color varieties: a white with black bands and a pure snow-white variation. These are just different morphs. Which one do you like better? 

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